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Mild Gouda


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Made from Cow Milk

If you're looking for some good old-fashioned plain Gouda, there are three choices. All of them are creamy, well textured, and range from a Mild Gouda flavor to the distinct, hearty taste of our award winning Aged.

The Mild Gouda is about two months old and is perfect if you're looking for a lighter tasting cheese.

Whole Wheel (approximately 4 kg)
4 individually vacuum sealed package of 1 kg each
$106.88 ($26.72/kg)

Half Wheel (approximately 2 kg)
2 individually vacuum sealed package of 1 kg each
$55.44 ($27.72/kg)

Quarter Wheel (approximately 1 kg)
1 individually vacuum sealed package of 1 kg each
$28.72 ($28.72/kg)

Random Cuts (approximately 250 gr)
$7.61 ($30.44/kg)